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    Christian Lehmann

MSc Geologist from Germany (27 yrs), graduated 2013 at TU Freiberg/Germany. Fluent in English and Spanish, very good Russian. Experience in numerical modelling, placer gold deposits and Cu-Pb-Zn(-Au-Ag) deposits. Fields of interest: Computational geology, geochemical exploration and sampling, interdisciplinary geology topics.


2009-2013 MSc Economic Geology (University of Mining and Technology Freiberg)
2010-2011 MSc Geology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
2006-2009 BSc Geology/Mineralogy (University of Mining and Technology Freiberg)

  Professional experience

Since April 2016 - Research assistant, Technical University Munich, Germany

September 2013 to August 2015 - Research assistant, University of Mining and Technology Freiberg
2012 (2 months) - Gravel quarry RMKS Meissenheim/Germany

2011 (2 months) - Gravel quarry RMKS Meissenheim/Germany
2008 (1 month) - Paleontological excavation "Versteinerter Wald Chemnitz"/Germany
2003 (1 month) - Water works "Zweckverband Fernwasser Suedsachsen"/Germany

Publications: Lehmann & Konietzky (2015) Geomechanical issues in Longwall mining - an overview. Book Chapter, Introduction to Geomechanics, Edition 08/2015 edited by Heinz Konietzky; Department of Rock Mechanics, Technical University Freiberg, Germany.